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Hiwhat is the value, fixt. unit count for urinals???? i have restaurant toilet under renovation and receiving three new urinaluse , recommanded to buy efficent ones with 1.0 gpm / flush??? Tanx
Category: Plumber Post By: CINDY LAWRENCE (El Monte, CA), 05/08/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo 2 dfu pe, r water fu are a little different, need the total fixtures for that branch example..1 wc=40 fu 2 wc = 70 fu 2 wc [70] plus 1 urinal= 90 etc..2wcplus 2 ur plus 3 lav etc what is total count of fixtures in that bathroom ? is the womens and mens back to back? if so, count of fixtures men + women are side by side 1-1/4 cws comes to that area and distributes to, my calca; 3-urinals= 25 f.u 6-WC= 15 f.u 2-lavetories= 2 f.u 2-hand sink= 2 f.u 2-sevice sink= 3 fu restaurant, 3-comp. sink= 3 f.u 30 gallon water heater = 0 f.u counted total load= 50 f.u is this correct???? tanx

- MARC CRAIG (Huber Heights, OH), 09/29/2017

consult your engineered approved drawing

- BRUCE BELL (Victoria, TX), 09/30/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo which fixture units are you inquireing about drain or water ? where are you located? different codes for different states i am conserning about cold water supply for an restaurant in L.A, Califonia

- DARRYL HALE (Farmington Hills, MI), 10/10/2017

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