Forum Title: Newly sweat pipe had drip, now no drip - I'm lost
This is my second post and, as I said in the first, I have no illusions about being a plumber - fix things around the house, and that's it. ANYWAY: I was replacing some valves in a really messed up utility room - the pipes were really tight against the wall and when I moved them outward, to sand some drywall, it started dripping at a tee. I replaced the tee and there were no drips, etc. I walked back about twenty minutes later and there was a drip at exactly the same spot - about one drop every five seconds. I cut off the main and turned on the spigots to kinda drain the system. I cut the main back on, about an hour ago, and I absolutely cannot get the thing to drip. I've sweat a lot of pipe and the solder joint looks fine - I sweat the the pipes water in the tee. This is 1/2" copper, coming from the hot water heater (should be 3/4" - I didn't build this place......ack). I had a powerful fan on these pipes because of some water on the floor.......condensation?? Man - there's a ghost in this machine. I just checked it again and it's dry as a bone. Wouldn't a pinhole leak continue to leak - for a day or something? And this solder doesn't look as if it could have a leak. The photo shows where it leaked - once - and where I cannot make it leak again. Any clues as to what it going on? I eyeballed the thing, from the bottom, wondering if the water was coming from somewhere else and draining to this spot - it wasn't. Also, I've reefed on this area - pulled it out, banged around on it....still no drips. Any theories? My plumbing stink, but this is what I started with:
Category: Plumber Post By: GILBERT CHAMBERS (Salinas, CA), 04/29/2017

I'm sure it's fine then . . You sure it was not flux that driped . Did you wipe you're pipe after soldering , before turning on the water

- SERGIO STEVENSON (North Richland Hills, TX), 09/03/2017

here is how you find a leak that does not want to be found. 1st. look at the easiest/common since area, the valve handle packing nut...your pipe is crooked, maybe its running from handle to tee 2nd,,,take some toilet paper and dry all the pipes . then,,using a FLASH LIGHT and a tiny corner of the toilet paper. stick the corner >>SLOWLY>> to the are looking for water to wick onto the paper. if you have any will wick up.

- GLENDA MCCARTHY (Culver City, CA), 09/09/2017

Quote: here is how you find a leak that does not want to be found. I did what you said, but, trying to see if I could wick some water produced nothing. Nothing appears to be leaking - and these pipe are reasonably straight - not like the thing I posted the other day (see pic). And still not leaking. Man - this is weird. I absolutely cannot wick any water, there's no visible leak. This is crazy. This house is on an old slab and, when I got here, they'd had a bunch of leaks and just mopped the floor. Half of the sub-floors were destroyed from moisture. This is gonna drive me crazier than I already am.... I've already replaced a bunch of flooring - a leak in this place is about like having a house fire...

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Sioux City, IA), 09/25/2017

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