Forum Title: Jacuzzi bathtub waste and overflow washer
The other day I installed a standard beveled washer in a jacuzzi bathtub ( the fat part facing down) the old washer was a flat one, which I would have used again but I lost it . Any ways my splashing water test showed no leak age but it's a weak test . Also when tightening the beveled washer it was a little lose on the top part where the washer is skinny . Do you guys think it will leak , and worst case is , it's on a top atwo story building
Category: Plumber Post By: SHAWN SULLIVAN (Sunnyvale, CA), 08/03/2016

big side twards the slip joint nut, small/beveled side away from nut. to test a tub, plug drain , fill it to the over flow. then let the water out

- DEBORAH CLARK (Cranston, RI), 09/09/2017

Thank you guys but this is the washer I'm talking about. And I'm just going back to the customers house and either going to install both beveled washers or the other one with the ears . I'll take more pictures once I'm thereImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1427579635.269385.jpg

- CASSANDRA SWANSON (Oshkosh, WI), 09/29/2017

When I test a bathtub, I will fill it mostly with water and use my bucket to wave water around to simulate human movement, making sure it splashes onto the overflow all around the hole, not just run down the bottom of the hole. Without seeing the installation, hard to say if it will leak. When in doubt like that, a bit of clear silicone can give you peace of mind as well

- JEANETTE WADE (Marlborough, MA), 09/30/2017

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