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Some brown smooth flat plastic-like debris has appeared in my hot water line. It has been plugging my faucets and shower heads thus slowing the water flow. I have an Amtrol Boilermate and was wondering if it could be some inner lining that has deteriorated. I've never seen hard-water mineral deposits like this before. I have done repeated flushes on my lines at a number of the faucets. Any thoughts of what it could be and the possible fix?
Category: Plumber Post By: JUAN COLLINS (Joliet, IL), 03/16/2016

How does one change the dip tube and how difficult is it?

- JAMIE LYONS (Plantation, FL), 09/13/2017

disconnect the piping on the cold side of your hot water heater. take the nipple out stick your index finger inside the hole, bend your finger,,,pull up. LOL..that how I do it,,a plastic tube will come out. it is about 3' long. replace that tube,,incidentally, is the only difference between hot and cold...if you move it to the other change the hot to cold/visaversa

- Patrick J. Mosner (Rapid City, SD), 09/18/2017

It could be the dip tube breaking down. It is usually on the cold water side inlet.

- GERALDINE FOWLER (Burlington, VT), 10/04/2017

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