Forum Title: Dishwasher not working, drain hose clogged at disposal
Hello. My dishwasher stopped working. No function, No lights on buttons. I Replaced the fuse in the control panel, worked for part of a cycle then stopped again. I pulled it out, cleaned the drain parts in the bottom of basin which were standing in water, emptied out drain line which was not clogged but backed up with smelly water. Pulled the drain hose from the garbage disposal and there is all kinds of orange gunk inside the disposal at this connection. I am assuming that this backed up the drain and caused the drain pump to overheat blowing the fuse? I also noticed that there is no air gap on this hose and the hose was not tied up high anywhere, it was low. There is no hole in the top of the sink or cabinet for an air gap, it is an old house. Qustions: Do I need to open up the garbage disposal to clean it, I already wiped out the opening in the disposal. How can I tell if I need to replace the drain pump?
Category: Plumber Post By: HERBERT FRANKLIN (Palmdale, CA), 03/30/2017

unhook the hose from washer, put it in a bucket see if it drains when you turn it on.. pull the hose and clean it out

- JUDY KELLY (Hurst, TX), 09/03/2017

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