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I have recently purchased a large, commercial building with steam heat. Have immediate need to repair a leak on a condensate line. Wish to also replace other hardware in the line including swing type check valves. The existing piping is 1-inch threaded, black iron. Wish to replace with galvanized but am confused by types. Some is galvanized on all surfaces. Other has bare metal threads. How do I insure my supplier is furnishing best quality? What is the very best pipe dope for this application? Also, my supplier offers a bronze check valve for $49.00 Amazon advertises an import for about $13.00 Does someone have FIRST HAND experience to share regarding specific differences? Please excuse if this has been addressed previously. I did a quick thread search with no answers.
Category: Plumber Post By: RUTH THOMPSON (Mesquite, TX), 03/20/2016

on steam piping, condensate piping SCH 80 is required and you should always use dielectric union between two different metals. The pipe is black or galvanized steel, the fittings are the same or cast. years ago there where a lot of cast fittings. Sch 80 is minimum code in most areas, for low pressure steam lines. A Dielectric coupling is required, because otherwise severe galvanic corrosion could result if the two dissimilar metals directly touched each other you also need to use eccentric reducers instead of concentric on the steam and condensate

- BERNARD OLIVER (Livermore, CA), 09/18/2017

Frodo, thanks for the heads-up on schedule 80. The check valve image is the style I inquired about.

- ANNA SANCHEZ (Jonesboro, AR), 09/23/2017

With your question regarding the galvanized. Many manufacturers will take the black steel thread it and then dip it in the zinc. Others just dip the pipe in zinc then thread it. The bare metal threads are not a problem.

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (Apopka, FL), 10/12/2017

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